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That’s as telling about the state of a relationship as always talking about the partner.Maybe it’s time to take back control of conversation and institute a weekly real-time phone chat.

No doubt texting has multiple advantages for parent-child communication, from the thoughtful (“Thinking of you”) to the threatening (“Are you alive? Text anytime: Before you go to sleep (“Let me know when you arrive”) and on awaking, happy to see the 2 a.m. To really take our kid’s emotional temperature, we need to talk, if not in person, then on the phone.

If we are unable to reach you we will offer the position to another applicant.

Some positions are on public forums and we have no control over what is said on public forums or by customers including profanity and adult subjects.

Otherwise, “One of the things that can happen is that we sacrifice conversations for mere connections,” said Sherry Turkle, a psychologist and Massachusetts Institute of Technology professor, in a TED talk. And over time, we seem to forget this, or we seem to stop caring.” We need to carefully listen to what our children are saying — good and bad — about their lives, their friends, their significant others.

And that happens only in conversation, not texting.

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