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The two artists faced radically different cultural realities: Cobain’s death happened in the pre-TMZ era when the world wide web was in its infancy, and Winehouse rose to fame in the age of internet ubiquity.

But despite denying any responsibility for her death, he admits that the film is fair.

The director of the movie, James Gay-Rees, told The Times Magazine: 'He was no angel but she was no angel. Personally, I think she wanted someone like that.'And Blake also points out that she had struggled with addiction and bulimia before the pair met as he talks about the way he has been treated since her death, adding that 'Amy wouldn't have liked me being treated like that'.

He adds: 'My family disintegrating, my children probably having to live with it, me getting spat at …

The way pop culture suggests an aversion to Courtney Love’s drug-addled mythology while espousing Cobain’s martyrdom, the way some communities shit on Lana Del Rey’s “aesthetic sadness” while simultaneously espousing emo bands fronted by men-- it’s not to say that any of these genres, digressions, or affinities necessarily deserve respect, but there is a schism and a definite, unfair gender binary that favors troubled men over troubled women--and their right to be troubled.

Men who grapple with issues that coincide with art and fame are canonized in death; women who do the same are made lesser, somehow, by their own unequivocal loss.

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I didn’t speak to him for about two years because I blamed him for so many things. Blake was demonised and local people behaved as if we had a contagious disease they didn’t want to catch.

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