Arisaka type 99 dating

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Arisaka type 99 dating

The Type 99's bayonet was in the form of a very long, slender blade, grooved to reduce weight. These bayonets attached to a lug under the barrel and were further stabilized by a loop that fit around the muzzle. Type 99 long rifle The initial production rifle of the Type 99.Made only by Nagoya Arsenal and Toyo Kogyo under Kokura Arsenal supervision. Serial #'s on bolt match and serial Numbers on reciever and rifle parts match, but bolt group and rifle group do not match eachother. Seller asking 5.00 and motivated to sell (needs cash now! what are the approximate manufacture dates of the weapons I own? and i'd be leary about putting that kinda money into it without being able to see what i'd be buying!! Arisaka type 99 #2 (for purchase)Mu M fully intact, Seller cannot describe series or manufacturers marks and I cannot tell from pics. Contoured birdshead handle with screws not rivets.1. hello..complete matching numbers type 99 rifles will average around 350-375 with the mum intact.might bring 400 to a serious collector but it's gotta be nice.for the one your looking at i'd say with a mismatched bolt you should offer no more than 200 if everything else matches and the condition is nice,,to buy it sight unseen i wouldn't offer anymore than 150..The training rifles were made of mild steel and were never intended for ball ammunition.

Bore (chrome)Excellent, Overall cosmetic very good at least. Bayonet #1 type 30 (I Own)Nagoya arsenal code (same as rifle) no subcontractor. Blade and sheath blued finish and both 90-95% original finish. in a collectors eyes sometimes it's better to be all matching without the mum .to be mismatched with a mum.. Indonesian forces used a large number of Type 99 rifles in the fighting against the Dutch during the Indonesian National Revolution (1945–1949). To gain the superior hitting power of the larger 7.7mm cartridge, several caliber 6.5mm Type 38 rifles were modified for the new round.The Royal Thai Army received Japanese rifles of all types after 1945 and converted some short Type 99 rifles to fire the U. Although the tests proved satisfactory, the army decided that the added recoil and larger chambering for the 7.7mm cartridge, would require an entirely new rifle for the cartridge.ground mum or mismatched rifles value in the 125-200 range if the overall condition is good or better,,, bigcurt Ty BC for the reply. Chinese Civil War Second Sino-Japanese War World War II Indonesian National Revolution Hukbalahap Rebellion Soviet–Japanese Border Wars Korean War Malayan Emergency Indonesian National Revolution First Indochina War Vietnam War During the Second Sino-Japanese War in the 1930s, the Japanese soon found that the 7.7mm cartridge being fired by their Type 92 heavy machine gun in China was superior to the 6.5×50mm cartridge of the Type 38 rifle, necessitating the development of a new weapon to replace the outclassed Type 38.

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It utilized a cock-on-closing action and an unusual safety mechanism, operated by pressing in the large knurled disk at the rear of the bolt with the palm of the hand and rotating it in a 1/8 clockwise turn, which is often misunderstood by Western shooters who are used to the Mauser's thumb lever safety.