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Once there: Let us know what your average Download and Upload speeds from the above Bandwidth Test as well as the "Video Bandwidth" setting (High, Medium, Low, or Very Low) under the Video Voice section of the Settings tab within your Roll20 game.helpful, whether you’re new to Drift and want to get the most out of your account, just kicking the tires and want to learn more about how you can convert more leads with live chat, or are curious to see how you can have better conversations with people when they are using your product.

This means that the upload bandwidth cost for a Web RTC call is higher than other VOIP options in anything more than a two person call.

If all of that fails, please follow Step 4 and file a bug report on the Web RTC Video and Voice Chat Issues forum thread.

Please provide all of the information you gathered from Steps 1-4 of the Solving Technical Issues Guide as well as the following information: Additionally, we recommend that you try to run this Web RTC Connectivity Diagnostic Test and supply its test result in your report.

This higher upload bandwidth cost can result in stability problems for users with low upload bandwidth connections.

Roll20 Web RTC can only be used in web browsers that natively support it.

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To protect your privacy, microphone and webcamera permissions are disabled from use on Chrome and Firefox by default.