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Dave has received a lot of love and following for his work.There are so many women who follow him and admire him. He an animal lover, trainer, entertainer, and television producer. If you love both, Dave Salmoni is a man(or treat) for you.

A five hundred pound male African lion, Bongo attacked him 1n 1999 during the training.

The host has not revealed the exact amount of salary he receives and net worth, but we can assume that it must be high.

He has done many shows and owns a production company that adds to the net worth and salary.

I was trying not to get photographed next to her in a bathing suit, for obvious reasons,” Chelsea said Tuesday on The Tonight Show. She brings up 50 Cent without any prompting from Jay “I can’t bring 50 Cent with me, ’cause he’s not a strong swimmer,” she joked, adding that her friend has not met her family. “I don’t know, I call him Curtis when we’re having sex,” Chelsea deadpanned. “We just did not have anything else to talk about,” she laughed.

Because, as she pointed out again, he’s just her friend. “No, he’s a really nice guy…It was a short relationship, you know, in and out.”” This woman is not funny, she’s rude and she makes stupid jokes about race all the time. talk show though, and she’s friends with Jennifer Aniston. I hope Jay had her on due to a last minute cancellation.

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In 2010 he met comedian Chelsea Handler, and they began dating. Dave Salmoni currently aged 41 was born on 4th September 1975 in Sarnia, Ontario, Canada.

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