Christian dating websites in kenya

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Christian dating websites in kenya

So He is saying you are born physically, but must be born spiritually. Accepting Jesus, doing good, being good, helping others, and being examples of Christ. He asks us to do these things because we ARE Born Again, not in order TO BECOME born again!

:) John doesn't say ."..that whoever believes and helps the poor and never lies and performs good works and never sins shall have eternal life." No - "whoever believes"!

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The deniminations have come about over time and do create distinctions in the way worship is carried out but sometimes leads to confusion and even conflict amongst churches.

All this really says is that we are all human, all fallible wether as people or in groups and need guidence and forgiveness for our often biggoted ways and dogmatic beliefs, and the assumption that - 'we are always right'!!! The purpose of Christ (God incarnate) is a) to show us the way and b) to demonstrate that God Really cares enough to allow us to crucify him for our sins.

was banded around loosely in a derogatory way to imply people who belonged to this 'Born Again' Christian group belonged to a Christian sect!

It was only later on in life when I became a Christian myself that I discovered that the standard old Bible - yep the King James Bible (and all other Bibles) we read in church - not some dodgy new age rewritten version, actually says we need to be to enter the kingdom of God! I can certainly say without a doubt that when I gave my life to Christ (God) - I actually felt completely reborn - a new person. Most non-Christians and even many Christians don't really know.

Looking for a man who knows what loneliness means, whom our hearts can connect and probably spend the remaining days of our loves together I am a simple guy down to earth, loving out going and caring ready to make new friends.While we have certainly created a great platform for you to connect with Christians.This site is a specialized networking for people who wish to find Christian millionaires for friendship, dating or marriage."Do not be amazed that I said to you, You must be born again." What does it mean to be born again Christ is saying we have a physical body and a spiritual body. The body dies - the spirit continues and the water he refers to is the water that is present at childbirth. What does it mean to be born again Jesus explains verse 15; What is not required?

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