Dating beautifyl japanese women

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Dating beautifyl japanese women

Living on a small island in the middle of the Pacific and the East China Sea, I wonder how this standard is achieved when the sun is constantly shining.

Japanese love breasts and exposing them is considered sexual.

Exaggerations of this preference are shown in anime like One Piece.

Notice the white skin of the main characters (despite being pirates at sea all day), large breasts, small waists, and relatively flat behinds.

In regular pictures, women will make a “V” with their hands and place it at their chin to achieve the above effect. Like most standards of beauty in every country, these ideals are unattainable and leave women feeling discouraged and adopting unhealthy habits.

So my question is, how does one achieve transparent white skin, big eyes, a “V” face, small waist, large breasts, and chop stick legs? Living in Japan reaffirmed I shouldn’t fit the mainstream here or in my home country.

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Gina is an enthusiastic, quirky teacher on the JET Program living in Okinawa, Japan.

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