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Dungeon keeper 2 hot girl

She's rather precocious and arrogant, but definitely well meaning. Foreshadowing the future, for me, kinda made it like it's all going to go all fine anyway, why bother reading.Selected as the one who bestows super powers to all the local fighters, she basically thinks herself as a saint, and the MC as her, and the Earth's Hero. There's no actual mature person, everybody acts like teenagers, even the father and the 300 shop owner noona. 300 shop noona is an easy to fall teenager, strongest person on earth is naive, guy who assumingly spent 2 yrs on the dungeons doesn't know how to communicate with others. It was stated that the lvl 15 him could take care of 3 lvl 10 hims, but the lvl 50 strongest person on earth is shocked to see lvl 20 him one hitting spiders. Idk about you but a beyond dense MC, who increased his intelligence but his intelligence never rose, that doesn't like any girl except his little f**king sister does not mean romance.Sweet and substantial dialogue between the MC, other dungeoneers and especially Lorreta, the shop NPC who turned out to be not so NPC-ish after all. The selfish but realistic attitude of not sticking his nose into the Earth saving business unless there was something material in it for him bugged me a little but it made some sense.I mean, if your damn world was overrun with monsters, its not like you or your family could survive for too long without a home either right (There ARE ways to do this, but we don't find out until much later so the impression is if the Earth gets overrun, everyone dies) ?It is interesting at few occurrences but then you discover it is the same thing since dungeon 5.Right now he just finished dungeon 50 I think, same formula for the dungeon as dungeon 5, so the author has repeated that around 10 times now. After all it can still be good with a repeated formula, only 1 problem which is the fact that the author decides not to create a sense of danger/urgency/...Forget your personality/ feelings, this guy has high charm so you will fall for him in 1 chapter of meeting him.

let's just say there actually isn't that much detail at all. She was mentioned in some reviews above and she's also one of the main downfalls of this novel, but for a different reason. The goals are only to get stronger and save the world. Said harem members mysteriously fall in love with MC for no reason. All of them are tsunderes of different levels, always somehow getting mad at MC. If you don't like Japanese dialogues like me, don't read.Now lets take a look at all the other harem candidates. Each meeting is barely substantial enough to last 3 chapters and each meeting is less of a meeting and more of a "a dungeon just popped up, and I need help destroying this MC" kinda thing. Boom, she falls in love and they basically ignore each other for 100 chapters. the author then gives us a plot twist wherein the priestess' sister who was actually once a potential harem candidate, turns traitor and backstabs the MC and the priestess.Foreign world priestess: This one is even better than the fire witch. Their second meeting sets the tone for the rest of their interactions, wherein the priestess finally realizes that she is horribly outmatched simply because the MC is a Hero and hence by default, has a rather unbalanced stat growth distribution that puts him head and shoulders above every other dungeoneer simply because someone somewhere decided he'd make a good hero. Sounds like a good way to add some depth to the relationship right? First, the MC discovers the betrayal, and I can't say that there was no foreshadowing whatsoever, but it is so small and insignificant that there might as well be none at all. Cute moeblobs that serve little purpose other than power boosts and add some diabetes level sweetness to an already watery story. The protagonist was unique in that he wasn't some perfect super handsome super genius Gary Stu character rather he was an ugly, mentally challenged and muscle bound.Skills come in one after another until all they are just another statistic on an imaginary page that devolves combat scenes to a simple question of: "Does my skill counter yours?If not, can my raw stats outright ignore it anyway? Lorreta I understand given she's one of the few characters to have any consistent contact with the MC over his career as a dungeoneer. Confesses on the fourth, upgrades to undying love no matter if its not returned on the fifth.

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He literally has a "charm" stat that makes all the girls fall and fight for him, borderline brainwashing. The character interactions are cartoonishly cringy. It's an uninspiring power fantasy that pretends to be something better. First of all, we start with a fresh beginning with the dungeon system that we all know and love with some minor differences.

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