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I thought he was just being a perv and looking at porn in a crowded bar, but he explained that this chick he was sexting with just sent it to him.

I didn't believe him at all, but then he showed me his inbox on this site and it was COMPLETELY FILLED with sex chat messages from hotties that he banged and new girls that were interested in hooking up. No offense to him, but he's nothing special to look at.

Are you tired of sex chat dating sites that leave you with blue balls?

You know what I'm talking about: you meet a chick on an expensive dating site, take her out to dinner and show her a real nice time, but when you drop her off at the end of the night, you get a half-hearted hug and a lousy kiss on the cheek. We just want to fuck, but we're stuck spending all this money on dumb bitches that won't even give us a handjob!

You might not believe it at first, but I've been pulling a bunch of hot chicks from this site. I never thought I would regularly hookup with cute nymphos that are totally down to fuck.

I first signed up for this site about 3 months ago because of a recommendation from an old buddy.

I took a swig off the whiskey bottle and my buddy is laughing his ass off, "Just relax man, this is easy pussy."Knocked on the door, she let us in, and we all chilled out in the living room.

It was easy and we hooked up several times after :)After that crazy hookup, I knew i had to sign up for Fuck Book.

All you really need to do is login to your computer and write a few sexting messages to some cute girls.

FOLLOW THESE EASY STEPS TO GET LAID FOR FREEIt really didn't take much effort to start banging new chicks every week.

I went over and gave him a hard time, since he looked like a complete loner, but he just laughed and showed me what he was doing.

The first thing I saw on his phone was a huge pair of Double-D tits.

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By the end of the first week, I fucked 2 new babes back at my place!