I like chennai aunty

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I like chennai aunty

Shakeela debuted in the Tamil soft porn movie Playgirls at the age of 20 as a supporting actress. Her big hit film was Kinnarathumbikal in Malayalam, which brought her under limelight and resulted in unheard craze for her from youngsters to the old.

She did few controversial topless scenes in her initial movies, but once she got noticed after Kinnarathumbikal she was very reserved about doing topless scenes and always used body-doubles during those scenes in her later movies.

After she acted in several movies, the soft-porn movie industry in India was colloquially called as "Razni films".She started as an actress in B-grade movies in the early 1990s.Later she moved to Chennai seeking a career in the South Indian film industry.The returns on these films were assured even if they run only in 30 to 40 stations.Her popular B-Grade films were dubbed and released in almost all Indian languages.

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