New orleans dating show

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New orleans dating show

With that, Gibbs and Eleanor Bishop head to New Orleans while Di Nozzo and Mc Gee stay in D. The episode ends with Gibbs, Pride and Agents Meredith Brody (Zoe Mc Lellan) and Christopher La Salle (Lucas Black) standing in a square while, from a hotel room, the unrevealed killer begins taking surveillance photographs of the NCIS team as Gibbs and Pride look on.

Another victim is found in the wetlands, dead at least two weeks.

Gibbs reunites with long-time compatriot and friend NCIS Special Agent Dwayne "King" Pride (Scott Bakula). Things soon become personal as the Congressman was a former NCIS agent and their contemporary and his murder could possibly be linked to one of their old cases.See how Drew and Jonathan channeled classic New Orleans character into the most important rooms of their homes.The series is set in New Orleans, Louisiana, and follows the stories of the members of the local office of the Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS).The program and its characters were introduced in a two-part episode during the eleventh season of the television series NCIS on March 25 and April 1, 2014.On March 25, 2016, the series was renewed for a third season, which premiered on September 20, 2016.

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The program and its characters are introduced during the eleventh season of NCIS.