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– Para adicionar outros administradores use: /msg Chan Serv flags #wikipedia-pt-admins $ Admin – Atenção: substitua o $ pelo nome do administrador e não se esqueça de verificar se o nick pertence ao usuário.Bem-vindo ao canal Social da Wikipédia lusófona - pt.– Canal principal: #wikipedia-pt – Canal para administradores: #wikipedia-pt-admins – Canal para agentes do OTRS: #wikipedia-pt-otrs – Mudanças recentes: .com/rcwp1 – ATENÇÃO: Os registos não são públicos.In reality, it's also used for most Meta-Wiki related maintenance discussions and requests; see also #wikimedia.

The displayed URLs give the cumulative differences produced by the edit concerned and any subsequent edits; The time is not listed but timestamping may be provided by your IRC client.

Live feed of abuse filter matches – Interface: Abuse Filter – Watch for false positive reports: Abuse_filter/False_positives – Bot status: Up Welcome to the IRC channel for the dispute resolution noticeboard – Need help, guidance or have a question? Login: .ly/z9ktq L Request Account: .ly/w90g Ml – Contact the Devs at [email protected]– Please note tool access is only open to active English Wikipedia Administrators. Canal principal de Wikipedia en español - Info: WP: IRC - Peticiones a bibliotecarios: !

biblio · en privado: #wikipedia-es-biblios - Ayuda: #wikimedia-ayuda - Otros: #wikipedia-es-tecnica · #wikimedia-social-es · #cvn-wp-es · #wikipedia-es-abusos · uso intensivo: #wikipedia-es-bots Canal de concursos de Wikipedia en español, usado para la coordinación de los organizadores y la atención a los participantes · Portal: WP: L · Canal principal de Wikipedia en español: #wikipedia-es Atención, canal registrado:

Hjertelig velkommen til den danske Wikisources chatkanal!

• Seneste Êndringer pÃ¥: irc://irc.wikimedia.org/da.wikisource • Eller den danske Wikipedias chat: #wikipedia-da • Yderligere information: Chat • Se #wikimedia-da for en samlet kanal for alle de dansksprogede Wikimedia-projekter Welcome to the Latin Wikisource place to discuss the content and procedures of the Latin Wikisource.

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Confirmation that an edit has been processed is typically faster through IRC than through the browser. For example, the channel for German Wikibooks channel is #de.wikibooks, and the channel for Wiki Species is #species.wikimedia.

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