Recessed lighting and updating

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Recessed lighting and updating

So many people – really, SO MANY, more than I ever would have thought – have come into my house when the lights are on and have looked around and said, “Did you paint? ” It’s made more of a difference in the light than I even hoped it would.

But from watching some Youtube vids, people seem to just twist the trim right off as well.It was an instant upgrade and has given our house a fresh, updated look.It’s one of those things where people notice something is new and nicer but can’t quite put their finger on what it is.Or rather how to convert recessed lights to LED recessed lights. I just replaced twenty-two traditional recessed lights in the downstairs of my house with these LED recessed lights.At a savings of 2 each, that means I will save around ,644 on my electric bill over the life of the bulbs. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like to save money where they can, but beyond the no-brainer from a cost savings standpoint, there’s also the look of the LEDs to consider, which is what initially got me thinking about making this change.

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