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Infidelity used to be described as any sexual or otherwise physical relationship outside of the marriage, but this definition has expanded to include intimate thoughts or feelings toward another person.Emotional infidelity is common among people who use the internet to cheat.Mobile Spy is a smartphone and tablet spy app that's compatible with i OS, Blackberry, and Android devices.It allows you to monitor Facebook and other instant messaging apps, calls and internet usage.Forget about the password and get the phone number of a marital counselor!I have this gut feeling that my husband is cheating on me. He has been acting different towards me and never leaves his phone laying around anymore, and he put a password on his phone (which is something he hasn't done the whole 6 years we've been together) and it is not just a simple password. Tell him that you want it in the event there is an emergency and you only have access to his phone.There is no way to get his password without him knowing about it unless you put a spy app on his phone.When your spouse changes their social media passwords and does not tell you then this is a sign that there is a huge problem in the marriage.

Let him know that you are in a marriage together but it is beginning to feel like a one-sided relationship.

These are typically designed for parents who want to monitor their children, but some corporations use them for company phones and computers.

*Each country and state's laws vary regarding the use of spy apps on another person's phone or computer without their knowledge, so use the software at your own risk.

It also includes GPS location tracking and the ability to block the usage of apps.

The premium option allows you to view the device's screen live.

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"If you're concerned that your husband is cheating or keeping secrets and he won't open up to you, gaining access to his Facebook chats might be the key to discovering the truth.