Sony clie and updating palm os internet dating cartoon

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Sony clie and updating palm os

while some people may have been hoping to pick up a palm os 6 device by christmas this year, according to the news posted on it looks like you'll have to wait a bit longer.

while at the palmsource development conference in san mateo, a palm executive stated that devices with os 6 won't be available until early to mid-2004. apple already had a pda – the newton – and it died. apple put out the newton, then palm came out and stole the market.

Choose from the familiar categories of Sports and Leisure, History, Art and Entertainment, People and Places, Science & Nature and Wildcard. As you land on a colored game space a multiple choice question from the corresponding category is presented to you with four possible answers for you to pick from.

Doesn’t this already sound better than the original game play?

You may also remember, this game can take hours to play.

With this in mind the PDA version also offers you a Flash card version.

You and your opponent take turns answering questions.

Once you have collected all six colored pie pieces, you make your way back to the centre of the wheel’s hub and one last correct answer for victory!

You may remember that the game board was pretty big in real life, and one can imagine that a PDA version would be so much smaller it could be difficult to see.

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We ran Trivial Pursuit Handheld Edition on four PDAs: a Sony Cliè PEG-N760C (Palm OS 4.1, slow Dragonball VZ 33MHz processor), and a Palm Zire 71 (Palm OS 5.2.1, fast TI OMAP310 144MHz processor), a Compaq i Paq 3950 (Microsoft Pocket PC 2002, fast Intel 400MHz XScale processor) and an HP i Paq 1945 (Microsoft Windows Mobile 2003 Professional for Pocket PC, fast 266MHz Samsung processor).