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In many ways, the platform has been humankind's first real home in space, as well as being the pride of the Russian space programme.

A Russian Soyuz rocket launched a whopping 73 satellites into space this morning, sending the spacecraft into three different orbits around Earth.

After 15 years in space, the Mir space station returned to Earth in March 2001.

In most cases what happens is that criminals posing as gay use apps like Hornet, Grindr and others to easily find victims, lure into their territory, beat them up, humiliate, blackmail them, threaten outing them, then plunder their houses and apartments to steal large amounts of money.

Evidence of these crimes are often posted on social networks afterwards.

Most bisexual and homosexual people do not think or know about the possible dangers they face when they use these apps.

On May 3 in Moscow another well-known journalist Alexander Rubtsov became a victim of murder. It may sound crazy, but these men and other LGBT victims in Russia most often meet their attackers through apps such as Hornet or Grindr.

Public monitoring shows that almost everyday an LGBT person is being attacked in Russia.

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The crews will carry out a range of scientific experiments.