Tivo schedule not updating

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Tivo schedule not updating

If a connection to the internet is not available or unsuccessful for a number of days your Ti Vo may run out of data giving you the error message "To be Advised" and/or "Program Titles and Descriptions available soon".This can also mean that your Ti Vo media device has is currently processing the data.Your Ti Vo is designed to connect to the Ti Vo Service to download updates, including the latest Electronic Program Guide (EPG) data, every 24-48 hours.

The first three digits of the Ti Vo Service Number (TSN) on your Ti Vo device will ALWAYS match the first three digits of the model numbers in this section.All other devices will receive the latest software on the second successful connection after completing Guided Setup.This is because when the device connects to the Ti Vo service during Guided Setup, only one day of program information is downloaded, to allow you to start using your Ti Vo device right away.If your On-Screen Guide is out of date, you can connect your Ti Vo media device to the Ti Vo service for an update.To do this, go to Ti Vo Central, then select Messages & Settings Connect to the Ti Vo Service Now. After any successful daily connection (whether manual or automatic), your Ti Vo media device will automatically schedule another connection within the next 48 hours.

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