Under age dating sites

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Under age dating sites

I understand the desire to attract others but when you lie about your age, you are setting off a dangerous precedent. Is there a deeper, more concerning set of behavior that one should be worried about? Don’t go on online dating sites, meet people in person who are more open to meeting you for who you are vs filtering you out based on a number.Or you take a minute to review your profile and see exactly what you are communicating to possible matches.EXIF data is embedded in an image when it is taken, and includes the time, the make and model of the camera, and in some cases the exact location.

This alarming trend is something I have noticed in men who are approaching their 50s and women in their 40s.Popular sties such as Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram all require users to be at least 13.Some are more stringent, with Whats App setting an age requirement of 16, and Vine requiring users to be 18.The problem, according to tech experts, is that age limits are difficult to enforce. According to the BBC, a study of young people on social media showed that 78 percent of children under the age of 13 (the most common age restriction for social media website) were using social media.This week's announcement comes just days after Tinder's announcement last week that it hopes to make using the app more accessible to transgender users.

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The typical explanation for this for women is that: “I am tired of getting messaged from older men” or “I look younger than my age”.

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