Updating nforce motherboard drivers

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Updating nforce motherboard drivers

Les pilotes de vos chipsets sont responsables du contrôle des transferts de données entre les différents composants de votre système : le processeur, la carte graphique, les disques durs, les appareils PCI et la mémoire vive.

Conserver ces pilotes à jour est important - spécialement si vous rencontrez des lenteurs dans les performances système.

The northbridge is the main chip which connects to the CPU and high-speed expansion slots.

The southbridge is a support chip which provides things like USB ports, network connections, and disk drive controllers.

When someone says that their motherboard uses the ABC chipset, they mean that their northbridge is ABC. Even though it's not strictly correct, you'll see the terms "northbridge" and "chipset" used interchangeably in many programs and websites.

They just use the name of the northbridge (the main chip) and ignore the southbridge (the support chip).

Even if you don't have an AGP motherboard, it's a good idea to be sure that your chipset drivers are updated to the latest version.

The chipset is usually made up of two chips: the northbridge, and the southbridge.

Most chipset drivers come as a single unified software package which contains the various drivers for both chips.

Nous vous recommandons de ne pas l'installer car il engendre des problèmes avec Steam.

Your motherboard contains a CPU, some RAM, and expansion slots.

CPU-Z is a free program which can identify the chipset on almost all PC motherboards.

CPU-Z has two versions: a version with an installer, and one in a zip file.

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You just install the chipset driver and it automatically takes care of setting up individual drivers for each of the devices in the chips.