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The story of Gohō (Wu Feng) took place in the Ching Dynasty, before the Japanese assumed control of Taiwan.

They signified that Japan was already a developed country, and that “raw aborigines” in the colony were subject to be “modernized,” just like the native Taiwanese were decades ago.Witnessing military exercises of the Japanese army, and showing footage of the subjugation of tribes, also clearly revealed the colonial government’s design to intimidate the Aborigines.This was in line with the “carrot and stick” aboriginal policy which the Government-General Office implemented during its early days.The story of Wu Feng continued to be retold by the outside rulers and their followers, in films such as (Bu Wancang, 1962), considered a national policy film produced by Taiwan Film Studio, owned and operated by the Taiwan Provincial Government.To advocate the Japanese scenario of Imperial Japan’s southward advance and the important position of Taiwan, the Japanese colonial government made (Arai Ryōhei, 1942), a national policy film.

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In 1922, the Aboriginal Affairs section in the Bureau of Police Affairs started to make “documentaries” – films about the prohibition against tattooing and long hair, building new houses, toilets, and cemeteries – showing indigenous people the “progressive” or “modern” ways of living.

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