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Who is jeri ryan dating

This diverted a lot of attention her way (via Trek Core): “It was understandably tough for an existing cast that had been together for three years already.

Star Trek, traditionally — because this was like the fourth incarnation of Star Trek at the time — was always the Captain, or the Captain and First Officer.

Typically, it’s the Captain that gets the attention of the press, and the shows revolve around that.

When there were a lot of scenes with this person the next day, I was sick to my stomach all night, just miserable.

[Laughs wildly] [The co-star] shut the door to the set, and said, “She’s fine. The literally sat off-camera picking their nails, thumbing through a book, and just haphazardly saying their lines off camera without even making eye contact.” Ryan goes out of her way not to personally identify who it is she’s referring to, but given her descriptions and past interviews with other Star Trek: Voyager cast members, it's hard not to come to the conclusion that she’s referring to lead actress Kate Mulgrew, who played Captain Kathryn Janeway.

Mulgrew recently made her own comments regarded Ryan’s arrival as part of the Star Trek: Voyager cast, noting how Seven of Nine’s existence seemed to go against Mulgrew’s own personal rules about sex and sexuality on the series.

and actress Jeri Ryan is finally opening up about the matter.

Ryan was a guest on Aisha Tyler’s Girl on Girl podcast.

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It really made it an unpleasant work experience.” I mean, for the most part, everybody was phenomenal and absolutely great — and the guys, my God, I loved my boys on that show.

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